Waxing & Threading

The waxing and threading technique we use In Burnaby is highly praised by our guests. As painless as possible, we want waxing to be quick and smooth. We always suggest our clients not go out in the sun or use heat for at least two hours before and after waxing and threading.

Whenever you need reliable Waxing in Burnaby, look no further than us for quick and prompt services. We guarantee high-quality work and quick and cost-effective solutions to all your unwanted body hair problems with Athena Spa’s professionals! With our competitive prices and competent waxing, you will have peace of mind!

Whenever you stop by for a waxing service, you can expect a clean, comfortable environment. Our waxing products are both hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin. With our waxing treatments, you can choose whether you want to remove as much or as little hair as you like. We use both hard and soft wax.

With our laser and wax hair removal methods, we offer everything from facial waxing to full body waxing, Brazilian waxing, chest waxing, and back waxing. We ensure that our technicians maintain the highest levels of hygiene and customer service by using the best methods of sanitization.