Chemical Peel

Giving you a more radiant look

Cosmetic peels are used to improve the appearance and feel of the skin. You can get them applied to the face, hands, and neck. This procedure uses chemical solutions to exfoliate the skin and eventually peel it off. Afterward, the new skin is often smoother, less wrinkled, and less damaged.

We provide chemical peel treatment in Burnaby. This treatment scrubs your skin clean with chemical peels, revealing a more radiant appearance. By promoting new skin growth, peels reduce wrinkle depth, regenerate collagen, and give the illusion of lighter skin. We offer chemical peel services that you can always count on.

Treatment tailored to your needs

First and foremost, we take our clients’ concerns very seriously, unlike other professionals. In addition, we recognize that no two people can be treated the same way. Every person on Earth has different skin types and sensitivity issues, which is why our skincare specialists are aware that every client has a separate issue.

Each consultation starts with an in-depth skin analysis to determine which chemical peel would be the best for your skin type. Our facials and skin care treatments in Burnaby are provided by people who are highly qualified and experienced in their field.