Permanent Makeup

Enjoy makeup-free mornings!

Feel beautiful and confident without having to perform a makeover every single day. Enjoy a hassle-free life and wake up with all the makeup you need! The staff of our specialists has merged beauty and style to offer permanent makeup solutions to your everyday looks. As a company, we strive to show you what perfection means, whether it is in our work or in our approach.

The term permanent makeup refers to tattooing your favorite makeup looks into the skin on a permanent basis. No matter what kind of results you are looking for, we can get them for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for permanent eyeliner or permanent lipliner, we can transform you into an instant glam goddess. Our practitioners are the best in the business, and they will be happy to see you whenever you are available.

Get the look you desire

Our goal at Athena Spy is to help you get a professional, licensed beautician that can create the look you desire. No matter what kind of permanent makeover you need, we will ensure the utmost satisfaction.

Each consultation starts with an in-depth skin analysis to determine which chemical peel would be the best for your skin type. Our facials and skin care treatments in Burnaby are provided by people who are highly qualified and experienced in their field.