Upper eyeliner

It’s no secret that bigger, brighter eyes reflect light and attract attention. Besides, who doesn’t want to be noticed? Our permanent eyeliner services in Burnaby will enhance the appeal of your eyes.

If you are an extrovert who doesn’t have time to apply liner all the time, permanent upper eyeliners are the best option. Having smudge-free eyes on holiday is a real joy, especially if you like to swim and don’t want your eyeliner to smudge. Therefore, we offer eyeliner tattoos in Burnaby if you want more eye attraction.

Lower eyeliner

Adding a smokey eye can give your eyes a sultry appearance. After a day full of sunshine, you’ll look as gorgeous at night as you did during the day. And the good news is that there’ll be no more smudging, no more time spent drawing it on, and no more worries about it fusing. Permanent eyeliner Burnby can deliver stunning results that last. Whether you’re looking to enhance your features, be on-trend, or make a statement, getting this eyeliner is never a bad idea!

Eyebrows micro blading

It’s time to get the trendiest statement brows with an eyebrow tattoo in Burnaby!
Wouldn’t it be great if you woke up every morning with eyebrows that were in tip-top shape?
With The Athena Spa’s permanent eyebrow services in Burnaby, you can enjoy gorgeous eyebrows all day and every day. Anyone can improve the look of their features with micro blading. To create the most natural look, we implant pigment underneath the epidermis with the help of our skilled technicians. In this process, you’ll get the perfect frame for your face using the highest quality color, methods, and service.

Combo brows

Athena is your go-to place to get expertly applied combo brows. You’ll not only enjoy your experience, but you’ll feel confident looking in the mirror and when you step outside into the world. Therefore, it’s time to start living with beautiful brows!