Lip Blush

Permanent makeup and Lip blushing treatment is a subtle way to enhance your lips and give them a fuller look. We’ll make it happen whether you want a rich definition or a slight shading. Your lips will look healthier and more defined with our lip blush services in Burnaby.

It doesn’t matter what kind of lip blush you opt for. We’ll work with you beforehand to ensure that the look is tapered and extended in just the right way to complement and highlight your own lips.

Enjoy lipstick-free mornings!

Lip liner

Make your lips look younger, fuller, vibrant, and smooth with a permanent lip liner. You will appear more energetic and youthful with it. Your lips will look like a lipstick the first day, but they’ll become more natural and softer as they heal. Just apply a little gloss or balm and you’re ready to go.

A full lip color with a liner

There has been a great deal of progress in the world of permanent lip liners! Today, it is the most effective way to balance, add symmetry, and define your lips

A procedure such as this can take an hour or an hour and a half to complete, depending on the look you want. It is possible for your lips to become swollen in the days following your appointment. After all, it is a tattoo, so you can ice them if necessary. You should plan your schedule carefully so that the lips don’t scab during the next week when they will begin to heal.