Nail Extensions

Put a little pop on your nails

Add a zing to your nails for a party or a holiday with the aid of our professional nail extensions in Burnaby. We want every client to feel comfortable and special with the best nail extensions! The talented staff at our store will always give you the best service with welcoming smiles.

Most women don’t understand but nails add a significant touch to the whole beauty. Whereas we know beauty like no one else! Thus, you can never go wrong with a nail art extension done by our professional nail artists. So, without wasting a moment, visit us to get all the tried and tested killer nail extensions in Burnaby.

Maintain a healthy look for your nails

Every girl needs healthy and pretty nails to compliment their charming looks. Therefore, appropriate nail maintenance or extensions are essential to your beauty routines. We offer a wide range of nail extension options in a friendly environment, just to enhance your personal experience. The staff that works here always has a smile on their faces and a welcoming attitude.

In the world of nail art, being outworn doesn’t make much sense. You always need to get what’s in fashion and what’s in trend. So our goal is to provide professional and carefully selected art services to you. We strive to cater to all your specific needs and demands. At Athena Spa, we have all the embellishments for a glam nail extension just for you.