Body Contouring

Are you sick of controlled diets and exercises? Is yoga not working for you either?

This is exactly where our Emsculpt treatment in Burnaby comes in.

It gets frustrating when we aren’t able to achieve the exact results we want, primarily when we are trying hard to maintain them. That’s the reason why sometimes you gotta use science to fix things!

Our world of aesthetics & cosmetic technology has a lot of options, especially when it comes to removing fat without surgery. Modern people are looking for modern solutions to their problems now! Consequently, they prefer non-invasive methods to attain the body they want, even if they do not always work like surgery. Keeping our clients’ interests and safety in mind, Athena Spa offers all types of solutions to all kinds of clients.

we are more likely to experience a sagging jawline around and brow area, which can give us the appearance of being older than we actually are. For those seeking to decrease the signs of aging, Hifu Face and Neck Treatments in Burnaby are the perfect way to go!

The wide range of our spa services includes

  • Identify fat cells
  • Target the fat cells
  • Getting rid of fat cells
  • Fat cell elimination
  • Results of getting rid of fat cells
Permanent makeup and Lip Blushing Treatment is a subtle way to enhance your lips and give them a fuller look. We’ll make it happen whether you want a rich definition or a slight shading.

The exact nature of our work

A laser body contouring process known as Laser Lipolysis technology is used by Athena Spa for body contouring. Using light-based technology, Athena Spa removes fat pouches from the belly, back, waist, and thighs in just a few minutes. In today’s world, it’s a great treatment for fat removal.