Our Services

Check out some of the great offers we have if you are new to the Burnaby area, or just looking to change your regular spa.

9D Hifu(face lift , eye lift)

Microneedling RF

Hair laser

Skin rejuvenation

Lip lines




Body massages

Waxing and threading

Full face treatment


Eye bags and Eyebrows

Jaw line sagging


We use the Latest technologies

Our Vision

Trying to find the Best skin care clinic in Burnby but getting disappointed? Not anymore! Come check out our top-notch spa for unbelievable services and calming treatments.

You won’t forget your time at Athena Spa! We’re here to spend time with you and determine your needs. Based on your concerns, we’ll develop a tailored treatment plan for you. We will also help you resolve your specific treatment requirements, giving you a perfect and natural-looking result.
In terms of skincare, Athena Spa is known for its noninvasive, nonsurgical treatments. Our amazing cosmetic services will help you relax and store your sense of well-being.

We are Passionate

We use organic materials and essential oils to give you the best massage treatments possible. You'll see your skin's smoothness after using our services.

We are Successors at Beauty

Based on your skin type, we create specific treatments, facials, and massages for you. You can rely on us to serve as your go-to spa and beauty salon.

We are Successors at Beauty

You can reach out to us anytime, and our staff is always happy to help. We can also set up custom services for you if you require any.

European style skincare

We’re happy to share the best aesthetic therapies around! As a company specializing in aesthetic treatments, we have excelled in the quality of our work since we began performing them. By using modern technologies, we promise to provide you with therapies that will relax your body and soul. We specialize in providing you with peace of mind. During the whole procedure, we’ll make sure you’re happy, comfortable, and painless.

The philosophy of our work

Athena Spa has a highly experienced staff who will consult each patient individually to discuss their hopes and concerns. Then they’ll do anything and everything to provide you with the best skin care services in Burnaby. They would also like to know the desires and fears you might have about a specific treatment.

Allow us to boost your dazzling charm

Working with you would be a dream come true for us. If you let us, we’ll seek to enhance your elegance by:

Permanent makeup

  • Lip Blushing
  • Lip Liner
  • A full lip color with liner
  • Upper Eyeliner
  • Combo Brows


  • 9D Hifu – Full Face Lifting
  • Eye bags and eyebrows
  • Jawline sagging
  • Cheeks
  • Lip lines


  • Massages and waxing


● Manicure and pedicure

Allow us to boost your dazzling charm

Working with you would be a dream come true for us. If you let us, we’ll seek to enhance your elegance by:

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